Let's Make a Deal Slot

Play Let’s Make a Deal slot machine online developed by the software developer, Aristocrat, to get nostalgia for one of the most beloved American TV shows from the 1960’s. The series inspired many other versions of the programme in hundreds of different countries across the globe. The Let’s Make a Deal slot brings this popular game show to life as a fun and interactive casino. Just like the show, you can earn prizes for your heart’s content in a brand-new way. With its signature theme music and setup, casino players will really feel like they’re a contestant on the show as they win big and have a great time.

Rules of the Game

Let’s Make a Deal casino slot online is available to play for real money as well as the Let’s Make a Deal free version is also available out of cost. Here is how to play the game:

  • The game is a standard 5x3 reel slot machine with a total amount of 30 play lines.

  • The standard paying symbols in the game are the traditional card numbers you would find in most casinos. There is 9, 10, J, Q, K and A signs, each of them offering a different payout.

  • The higher tier signs that offer much higher rewards are all based around the many different prizes that people can win on the show. From fancy cars to expensive holidays. There are also the contestants themselves that can show up as a payout sign.

  • For the highest paying symbols, these will be the stars of the show. That will be famous comedian Wayne Brady, who has been hosting the updated series since 2009. It will be him that will represent the Wilds, which substitute for all other symbols in the game except for the Scatter. This allows gaps to be filled in possible, winning combinations. They also take up multiple spaces on the reels.

  • The Scatters in this series will be shown as something similar to a Wild. The Wild Box multiplier is another fantastic opportunity to watch out for.

  • Apart from these two, there another eight additional, hidden bonus rounds that can be activated, so keep an eye out for them.

Play Let’s Make a Deal for real money after learning the basic rules. Instead of a coin or coin value setting, this slot machine uses an automatic, pre-calculated feature which can set up the credit of what’s being betted on without the need for any changes. For example, if the player wants to make a bet of $200.00, then all he/she needs to do is just set the credit at around 200 credits. The minimum amount of money the player can bet on is a total of $0.50. The maximum amount of money that a player can use in Let’s Make Deal is a grand total of $250.00.

The RTP is calculated at around 96%. An auto-spin button is also available for the player to press whenever they wish to automatically spin the reels without the need of setting it up individually. Simply press the button again in order to have the reels stop. A max bet button can also be pressed to automatically set the bet of the next spin to its maximum setting.

The standard paying jackpot in the game is one that can only be obtained by achieving a combination of the five Wild symbols on a payline. These can offer a basic win of 2,000 credits. When converted into real money, this means that the individual playing has a chance of scoring a large payout of $500,000.00. Here are a few tips to facilitate these prizes even further.

Steps to Success

As mentioned before, the Wilds in the Let’s Make a Deal game have numerous functions and can be a part of a good strategy. For starters, they stack. Meaning that a full body portrait of Wayne can fill up the reels, allowing even more possible combinations to be made to earn more winnings.

Then there is the Wild Box Multiplier. This is achieved by scoring the Scatters in the game. Once done, players will be given a choice between a variety of different bonus features. Most of these will be a set number of free spins combined with a multiplier. The highest multiplier that can be gained is the 3x free spins. If the jackpot is scored during these rounds, a whopping amount can be won.

To make things even better, there are bonuses that can award instant prizes to add on top of it. Two examples include the Quickie Deal and the Money Box. These can give out cash rewards instantly, without the need for scoring any paylines. The rest can be triggered by the Big Deal of the Day bonus. This is where the players will choose between one of three curtains for another helpful boon or an amazing instant prize.  

Final Words

If there was any gameshow out there that can be perfectly translated into a fun and interactive casino game, it would be this one. Everything that makes Let’s Make a Deal such enjoyable entertainment is all of its variety and presentation. The slot machine brings this to life by showcasing all the shows highlights in creative stock footage that plays as you win both payouts and the bonuses. It almost makes it feel like you right there on stage with them compared to other casinos online. If you enjoy what great television has to offer and do not tolerate cheats, then why not have some fun making prizes from it too.